Our Traditionally Smoked and locally sourced fish

The farmed fish that we use is all Scottish and as local as we can make it. Our smoking is carried out in the traditional style.  What makes it “traditional”? Well, it is dry-cured using sea-salt crystals before being vertically hung in our brick kiln.  Here it is smoked using smouldering oak shavings from used whisky barrel staves, without the use of artificially warmed air and forced ventilation.  This means that our smoking process takes more time and needs our knowledge and judgement in knowing just when the smoke is complete. Our final secret ingredient is the malt whisky cure, but we can’t tell you all about that! The flavour and texture of the finished products reflect the time and effort that we put into them.  After smoking we carefully hand slice every sliced side and pack, our standard is D–cut.  Hand slicing ensures that every side is carefully scrutinised as a final assurance of quality.

Award winning malt whisky cured smoked salmon.  Ullapool smokehouse has won the seal of approval from The Guild of Fine Foods, by winning a gold star in “The Great Taste Awards 2008” for our smoked salmon.  We source all of our “conventional” farmed Salmon from our local fish farm.  Wester Ross Fisheries is an independent locally-owned business that has been producing high quality salmon since the inception of the industry in Scotland.  All of their Salmon are certified to RSPCA freedom foods standards.  Our close working relationship ensures that we can produce the highest quality smoked fish at all times of the year.

Maple cure hot-smoked salmon.  Full of flavour, our hot-smoked salmon is a best seller with the combined flavours of oak smoke and maple syrup.

Sea-grown Rainbow Trout  Farmed by Kames Fish Farming on the Scottish West Coast:  This fish differs from small freshwater trout in both size and taste.  Reared in sea cages and grown up to 3 – 4.0 kgs in weight, the taste is cleaner and less “muddy” than freshwater fish as a result of the rearing environment.  

Kippers:  We couldn’t be a traditional west-coast smoker without kippers!  Our herring, that are            
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sourced  from the East coast of Scotland are smoked in the old way - brined and oak smoked hanging on “tenter hooks”.  Please note that we don’t use any artificial dyes in our process.  If you want the best flavour, then try our split kippers (bones in), if you don’t like the bones then the fillets are for you

Our Oak Smoked Cheeses:  Our cheeses started with our market sales and due to demand have become a regular purchase with many of our customers.  We now have two Scottish cheddars, our original extra mature block cheese, and a new addition, the smoked creamy cheddar truckle from the Campbeltown creamery.  A small slice of either is perfect on an oatcake with a glass of red wine in the evening!  If you’re buying smoked fish why not add a piece of cheese to your order, it all fits in the same box!!
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